• Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

    Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

  • Need a Dedicated Resource

    Need a Dedicated Resource

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5 Advantages of Employing a SharePoint Developer

Tailoring SharePoint solutions for certain business needs includes a common practice, but  getting the job accomplished isn’t so simple. In most instances, administrators have a hard time taking on the role of a developer in addition to an architect. This often creates a tricky situation for businesses to handle. For this very reason, most companies opt hiring a Sharepoint developer ... Read More »

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer

Hiring a pro for website designing? Here is the list of four important questions that will give you more insight about ‘how to hire a web designer, India’ than any other information present online. Let’s have a quick review:   Question #1: What’s your usability approach? This question, more than any other one, will assist you in quickly differentiating between ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Offshoring Is Good For Your Business

Are you a small business with squeezed budget, or a medium or a big company who want to downsize the overall cost and mitigate project risks? The term Offshoring is being touted to bring in remarkable results thus creating a revolution in remote staffing space. To understand why Offshoring is the next big thing, first it is important to understand ... Read More »

Apple Lawsuit Over iPhone ‘Touch Disease’

Those who are using iPhone and are a big fan of its features might be disappointed to hear that the iPhone 6 and plus variants are scourged with ‘Touch Disease’ that has caused quite an uproar lately. However, Apple has been hesitant in the first place to accept that there is any engineering or manufacturing flaw in the handsets, which ... Read More »

‘Nexus’ Brand Going Away

Android Developer pros will be interested in knowing that the 2016’s Google-branded Android phones won’t utilize the “Nexus” name, according to sources, which indicate a hard break from the last 6 years of signature devices for the brand. The anticipated HTC-built handsets — called “Nexus” phones in the latest leaks online — instead will come to marketplace underneath a different ... Read More »

Benefits of Employing Offshore Data Entry Operators

Hiring an offshore team is a smart move to grow your business that allows you to focus on your core functions leaving less essential work to your remote team to handle. With high quality professionals working offshore as per your business objectives require minimal degree of monitoring and involvement. However, if these three parameters, i.e accuracy, reliability and security are ... Read More »

What is It Possible to Outsource?

Improve your efficiency by focusing on your core strengths. That’s the only mantra for the success of your business. As a matter of fact, businesses normally fail to strike a balance between the normal activities and new projects that require the most of your attention. Here, the term outsourcing comes into picture making it easier for businesses to focus on ... Read More »

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