Android 7.0 Nougat releasing soon!

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Android developers will be interested in knowing that the next version of Android which is called Nougat is likely to make its way to the market shortly. This has been confirmed by both Canada’s Telus and LG that has suggested the same date for a finalized Nougat code drop.

Owners of Nexus: Be prepared for some Nougat as it has undergone major overhaul and got some important usability changes. It is looking extremely likely that the upcoming version of Android is going to go official next Monday, Aug. 22nd, 2016. That is the date provided for the Android 7.0 update upon Nexus 5X, as well as 6P by Canadian operator Telus within its most recent software update schedule.

Telus was right with its introduction date for the year 2015’s Marshmallow update upon Nexus devices.

To make it worse is LG’s restricted preview plan for Korean G5s — that just happens to begin on the exact same day — August 22nd, 2016. As with all major smartphone manufacturers, LG will get the final code ahead of time from Google, yet the company would not be permitted to begin its preview in advance of the official Nougat launch date.

If everything goes as expected, we ought to witness an announcement from Google, which is going to be followed up by system images next Monday, which is going to be followed up by the regular over-the-air push. (It is possible, yet not guaranteed, that Android Wear 2.0 also is going to land at about the exact same time.)

As for all-new Nexus devices, we aren’t expecting them until a time right after the launch of the LG V20—that is going to be the first smartphone shipping with Nougat. With a plethora of its most exciting features, especially designed for work, security, better back-ups, app folder access, camera shortcuts and so much more, Nougat promises to offer a great usability to an average user.

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