Assessing Web Designers for Your Business

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Here is a list of questions you might want to consider while you interview to hire a web designer:

Is it good to provide a written contract that has a full scope of work, a milestone and timeline for my project prior to starting?

Carefully read your agreement to ensure there aren’t any hidden expenses. Ask about the timeline of the project and how you’ll be assured that things stay on track.

What should be the payment terms?

You should expect to pay a retainer to start work, with payments following specific milestones being completed. Also, you might have the ability to negotiate a “lease” type of contract that has smaller month-to-month payments for an agreed time period,

Will I be able to see live examples of the finished work?

Consider the work examples you see based upon your intended audience. What is right for a plumber probably would not be a proper fit for a software company. What is important is that the work will reflect positively on a business it represents and that work is compelling, professional, and original.

What’s the range of services? Is your company a one-stop shop or am I going to discover other resources?

Consider all of your needs, which include print design, logo design, email marketing, marketing consulting, inbound lead generation, and search engine optimization.

At one time, how many websites do you work on?

If you are working with a big firm, odds are your project is going to be one of many. If their staff is being pushed to quickly produce and move on, you might wind up with a substandard design which isn’t well thought-out.

What is the process from start to finish?

Know the measures involved in finishing the project.  Ask about deliverables and milestones at every stage, and know exactly what is going to be expected from your staff to move your project forward according to the provided timeline.

What if I do not like the design that you came up with?

Done right, the company you’re considering will go through a full business assessment, marketing, as well as creative brief to know your preferences and needs before the design work starts.

Will there be content management? What system or platform do you usually use? How hard is it for me to learn?

Without a CMS (content management system), you’ll be dependent upon the web design company for making every change. Some CMS’s are complicated, whereas other ones lack flexibility. Request a demonstration of the advised system in order for you to understand its complexity and functionality.

How are you going to ensure that my site shows up in a search online for my services or products?

Keyword research is a portion of the process for determining content creation and site navigation. Do not wait until thewebsite is finished to consider how you can maximize your search visibility online.

How are you going to measure the success of my site?

Goal-tracking, usability testing, analytics, and benchmarketing include just some of the methods of measuring the success of the website. Be certain there’s a measurement strategy from the beginning when you hire a web designer.

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