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Tricks for Developing Applications for Windows 8

Post its launch in October 2012, Windows 8 created a great noise in the market coming from the Microsoft stable. Within the quick span of month, around 20,000 apps were added to the Windows app store. This was further followed by 15,000 more applications. But this sudden spur of development activity came to a standstill post the Christmas holidays, as ... Read More »

Will iOS and Mac OS X Ever Merge?

Apple has recently been accredited as one of the most valued company in the world simply because of its innovation and the capability to cope up with the dynamic market. Post the passing of Steve Jobs, a lot of speculations were made in the market regarding the survival strategy of the company but with the launch of iPad3, iPhone 5, ... Read More »

Can Responsive Webdesign Hamper the SEO Metrics of a Website?

Offlate responsive web design has taken over the entire gamut of web design wherein the main emphasis is to make the websites accessible through all possible devices. Hardly do the designers think about the impact the overall responsive web architecture has on the SEO aspect. Therefore, it is always a better idea to hire an SEO expert who is aware ... Read More »

Creating Enterprise Mobile Applications Using Salesforce

It has been a recent development that enterprises have opened themselves to the use of mobiles in business. With the increasing importance of mobile applications, it has become inevitable that they become a critical part of business strategy to not only reach out to a greater number of people but also interact with the existing customers. There is a definite ... Read More »

Flat is in Vogue

Who doesn’t love flat? Right from the stomach to the smartphone screen, ‘Flat & Thin’ is very much in. Till sometime, the skeuomorphic design was in wherein the web designers freely designed patterns that looked very realistic and involved 3D extensively. Everything in nature has its own saturation point and following this universal patter, the love for texture, drop shadow ... Read More »

How to Leverage Instagram for Internet Marketing

The concept of applications have taken the world by storm and application development companies are competing neck to neck for launching that one magical application that can take the users by storm. One of such applications is Instagram. Be it Facebook or Twitter, there is no dearth of people using Instagram to post their pictures. Anything that becomes popular over ... Read More »

How to Write Powerful B2B Content

E-commerce and booming retail industry has undoubtedly changed the marketing is carried out on the digital medium. With content being an inseparable part of the messaging function, industry veterans have recognized essential tactics for writing effective business-to-business marketing content. Content writing is no longer just about filling up the space using impressive words but has become a strategic tool that ... Read More »

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