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Why Global companies prefer to Hire Offshore Developers?

It is without a doubt that internet has made the world smaller by bridging distances between remote locations on the world map. Online communication channel’s namely emails, social networking, IM, video and voice chat has adorned personal communication to a whole new level, bringing friends and family closer. The same is being replicated in exchanging business communication, which is why ... Read More »

Data Protection in India

Recognized as a worldwide industry practice for cost effectiveness and optimization, the process of Outsourcing involves humongous data exchange as it is all about delegating business processes and functions. This has resulted in the increasing concerns over data security and breach. With the increasing adoption of the cloud as a platform, the enterprises are constantly bothered due to the lack ... Read More »

Outsourcing Business Models

Change is imperative and with business functions becoming more automated, it is essential that IT/ITES BPO adopt and tweak their business models for sustenance and greater market penetration. Technologies like cloud computing and virtualization are enormously changing the way the world does business and in the given scenario and in the given scenario, survival in the offshore outsourcing business is ... Read More »

SaaS or Outsourcing IT: To Choose or Not to Choose!

Well both of them might share the common grounds for evolution, but their quintessential operating mechanism is what makes them absolutely different. Outsourcing refers to the mechanism of delegating certain business processes or functions to a vendor who is a domain expert. On the other hand, SaaS, referred to Software-as a-Service, is more of a business delivery model through which ... Read More »

It is Not About Re-Inventing the Wheel, But Adding Spokes to it!

‘Personalization’ and ‘Customization’ have become an essential component of the service industry off late, so much so that it has helped the offshore outsourcing industry come up with some very interesting business models and concepts. From BPO, evolved the KPO and simultaneously it branched out into many other services including legal and marketing process. With offshore outsourcing becoming an indispensible ... Read More »

Welcome to the world of!!

Origination of Founded in 2011, started with the vision of assisting small to medium business owners in appointing professional and quality employees at the fraction of real time costs. Taking cues from the market players adopting outsourcing model to keep costs down, GlobalEmployees started with the aim of bridging the gap between SMB’s and outsourcing, bringing the same ... Read More »

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