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Web Designing

The web includes a special environment which constantly is evolving and changing, and with this in mind, we do a run-down of what we think are a few of the most critical trends to be on the lookout for over the next year when you hire a web designer.

More brands will adopt a mobile first approach

Mobile-first is not a new concept for 2016; however, we expect to see more websites over 2017 that take a more-thoughtful approach about generating their content over to more compact screens, ratherthan mobile design becoming a ticked-off after thought to a desktop build.

Broader integration of responsive design

Even though responsive design also is something that’s been in existence for a couple of years, what we predict to witness over the coming year includes an even larger uptake within the amount of brands, small and big, that are constructing responsive-based websites.

We will predict much the same as with mobile-first – we expect a bigger rise in the amount of businesses and brands that implement the approach to make sure they accomplishthe rankings in search that desire, and keep those all-important clients satisfied with their user experience.

Widespread use of rapid prototyping tools

There will include so many tools out there these days; it is a testament to how successful they are, as well as how many companies already have adopted them. We expect even more designers and brands to jump on board pursuing increased efficiency and streamlined workflows.

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