Why Global companies prefer to Hire Offshore Developers?

It is without a doubt that internet has made the world smaller by bridging distances

outsourcing to indiabetween remote locations on the world map. Online communication channel’s namely emails, social networking, IM, video and voice chat has adorned personal communication to a whole new level, bringing friends and family closer. The same is being replicated in exchanging business communication, which is why the trend to hire offshore developers and resources for varied job profiles has become such a potent tool in enhancing business productivity.

The practice to hire offshore developers in particular is the most sought after trend. Many IT companies across the globe prefer to hire offshore developers as it works out to be cost effective without any interference in matters related to hiring, salary, benefits, infrastructural layout and obligations that is part and parcel of full-time employment.

In the competitive world of business it becomes difficult to predict the usual processes of software solution and requirements that are essential to back any business setup. The conventional Software Development Life Cycle or (SDLC) of Planning, Implementation, Testing, Documenting, Deployment and Maintenance rendered by a fulltime in-house developer are sometimes posed with obstacles. In such a vista, the practice to hire offshore developers works perfectly.  Offshore outsourcing is a great way to assign work keeping in mind specific business target, without having to worry about the paraphernalia of hiring and scenarios post that.

The Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers from India:

India is a hotspot in the international outsourcing industry. The phenomenal advancement of Indian outsourcing industry in a very short duration of time testifies the business advantage of outsourcing. Cost is the definite determinate which has attracted several small and medium sized organizations to meet their outsourcing needs from India. However, in the past few years outsourcing to India has more to do with top class delivery of work rather than just cost.  The Indian job market is staggering with experience and talent.  Sound knowledge and expertise of varied skill sets like PHP, JAVA, dot.net, Linux etc has encouraged overseas business owners to rely on outsourcing providers in India to bestow them with the best talent.

Hiring dedicated offshore developers from Globalemployees.com has many advantages. It is the one stop shop for getting the best resource on board to optimize business and growth.  To hire Offshore developers from Globalemployees.comcan help you save up 60% of your total cost per employee in addition to the following overheads:

  • Office space
  • Hardware
  • Commonly Available software
  • Infrastructure
  • Technical support
  • Employment Tax, Labour law and Insurance

Hiring offshore developer from Globalemployees.com is a simple 5 step procedure as below:

Step 1 Requirement

A detailed description of client’s requirement is important which would comprise of the following:

  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Skill sets
  • Domain Expertise
  • Shift Timings
  • No of resources required
  • Job duties & responsibilities

Step 2 Prescreening

Based on the requirement specified by the client, our HR team will then:

  • Search for suitable candidates
  • Prescreen the candidate
  • Select the best candidate for interview

Step 3 Interview

The potentially suitable candidates will then be called for:

  • Round 1 Interview
  • Technical Interview

Step 4 Review

Post interview, the resume of the potentially suitable candidate will be submitted to the client:

  • Review
  • Round 2 Interview

Step 5 Selection

After the interview, the client may:

  • Select candidates for the job
  • Ask for more options

How will a dedicated offshore developer deliver work from India?

  • The Offshore developer will work parallel to the work timings of the client
  • The client has the freedom to assign, supervise work of their dedicated offshore developer as per their demand and convenience.
  • The Offshore developer will work from our office, wherein they can be monitored and supervised by a manager and HR executive. They will ensure that the developers are working efficiently and from a professional office environment.

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