The iPhone 7 is now exploding

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iPhone developers probably aren’t happy about this news. The globe’s top smartphone manufacturers just cannot stop copying one another. As the company certainly has improved its image over the last couple of years, Samsung likely is most famous for becoming a copycat of Apple. After all, the brand was repeatedly sued by Apple for stealing its designs and technology. Plus, as all of us learned, things got so insane during one point that Samsung even made a 132 page internal document that helped its engineers copy the smartphone pixel by pixel. Apple, of course, is hardly innocent about all this. In recent years, the maker of the iPhone has aped an abundance of features from Android, and it potentially never would’ve manufactured iPhones with big displays if Samsung had not paved the way.

Therefore, what is the most recent feature that Apple ripped off from its leading smartphone competitor Samsung? Apple, apparently was jealous that the brand’s skyrocketing Galaxy Note 7 is robbing a bit of the iPhone 7’s airtime, therefore it constructed a booming smart phone of its own.

The above photo was posted by a Reddit user on Wednesday under the username “kroopthesnoop,” and it portrays a matte black iPhone 7 which certainly appears as if it exploded. Unlike Samsung’s widespread Galaxy Note 7 issue which was caused by a battery defect, according to the phone’s owner, this iPhone exploded when in transit. As he received his iPhone 7 he ordered– then grabbed it out of the box, the above image is what was found.

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