How Modern SharePoint Lists are Going to Benefit?

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Earlier in 2016, Microsoft introduced a new plan and vision for SharePoint that was  termed as ‘Mobile-First, Cloud First’, which was replete with innovations and ease of access. Microsoft always comes with innovative ideas and technologies to make the processes easier and help teams, people, and businesses to work in sync. This road map is more focused to collaborate people or businesses intelligently and allow them to share, discover and work on content from any where in the world and on all devices. Another major announcement by the company is for SharePoint Online where modern SharePoint lists were introduced, which also involves an easy integration of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. These modern features will be first available for customers of Office 365 First Release in August 2016.

What does SharePoint lists have in store for users

These SharePoint lists are an effective way of collaborating teams on structured data so that they can organize content from their team site. This helps in performing tasks in a much more organized way such as details of investment account, requests made by customers etc. This functionality has added millions of custom lists to be used, shared across Office 365.

Now, a modern list experience is being delivered which looks fantastic and is responsive, easy to use and is accessible on all devices. This modern SharePoint list experience is going to automatically be obtainable to every existing classic SharePoint Online list.

With modern lists, SharePoint developers can:

1.    Users can now add columns to the lists, as well we group, filter and sort information in place.
2.    Elevate information quality by editing and viewing all item data within the panel all without having to leave the list.
3.    Productivity improvement by bulk editing listing items using Quick Edit.
4.    Automate simplistic processes with approvals, alerts, and versions.
5.    Enrich static details with rich data types, which include images, people, as well as meta data tags.

Power Apps and Microsoft Flow come into picture

The data is being exchanged between SharePoint lists and other systems by customers. With the integration of Microsoft Flow with SharePoint lists, this exchange of data will be strongly supported and make it more powerful, as Flow helps in automating workflows and simplifies data exchange between SharePoint and other devices. Not only this, one can create and launch Flows directly from a SP list to store data and later modify it.

PowerApps enable users to connect and create various apps required for business need on any device in fraction of time. This helps users with non technical background in building efficient mobile forms directly from a SharePoint list without writing a code. There is a common connector framework between PowerApps and Flow that enables users to bring in data sources on-premises and in the cloud.

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