• Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

    Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

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    Need a Dedicated Resource

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Virtualization in Outsourcing

Michael Porter in 1985 very clearly explained value chain in terms of the enterprise architecture in his book, ‘Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance’.  According to this analysis, the business functions of an enterprise were bifurcated into primary operations and secondary support functions. In a business scenario where strategic alliances and collaboration define success, it is important for enterprises ... Read More »

An Approach Towards Regionalization in Outsourcing

Globalization is an oft spoken word in the business ecosystem. In the context of business, it means to really expand ones business to different geographical territories and establish a business relationship with enterprises belonging to a particular region. The whole approach is towards expanding accessibility to resources and connectivity amongst different economies. In terms of business, the entire idea was ... Read More »

Challenges Faced by Outsourcing Companies While Hiring Resources

Outsourcing companies have enjoyed phenomenal growth. In last few decades, India has grown as an outsourcing hub. Within the global outsourcing market, India had a share of 58% in 2011 that is 7% more than compared to its market share of 51% in 2009. There are several reasons why foreign enterprises look forward to outsource to India. Firstly, it has ... Read More »

Challenges faced by SME

Over the long haul, large corporations have reaped the benefits of offshore outsourcing. These benefits include reduction of costs, quality, fast turnaround time, on time delivery and customer satisfaction. Realizing the benefits of outsourcing, even small and medium enterprises are jumping on to the outsourcing bandwagon every day. Though there are several benefits of outsourcing, it has some challenges also. ... Read More »

Outsourcing to the Right Partner

Well, outsourcing is a very common term in the business lingo and as experts say, it is much easier uttered than adopted. Over the decade, outsourcing has evolved to the extent that if you name any service you will end up finding multiple outsourcing agencies. A lot has already been spoken about the benefits of outsourcing and therefore, it is ... Read More »

Outsourcing: All Set for the Big Shift

Inching towards changing times and business ecosystems, the Indian outsourcing industry is all set to shake up from the economic stagnation of the last financial year and make it better in 2013. The outright approach of the outsourcing partners will be towards leveraging the smartest mix of business models, communication channels and strategic partnerships. Amongst an array decisions that would ... Read More »

Content Writing: An Emerging Industry Vertical

Almost a decade back who would have thought that content writing would become such an inevitable part of any business. Right from process documentation to marketing communication, writing has become a specialized field so much so that it is now increasingly recognized as a separate industry vertical. Professionally, enterprises have realized that messaging requires certain core competencies, and cannot be ... Read More »

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