• Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

    Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

  • Need a Dedicated Resource

    Need a Dedicated Resource

    Hire Website Designer, Developer, Data Analyst, SEO, Content Writers from India and Save 60% of your Hiring cost.

Hire Graphics Designer to Enhance Business Opportunity

We live in a technology driven world where possibilities are infinite. Technology has dominated every aspect of life, making it both convenient and amazing. The advance made in the field of technology is primarily owing to the demanding nature of users/customers today, who seek for constant up gradation and improvement in the existing technologies. There are people who closely follow ... Read More »

Just Hire A Flash Designer

As a tattoo designer I always wanted to start my own tattoo parlor, but never really had the gumption to start the venture. It was the magnanimity of setting up the business like finalizing the place, marketing, launching a website that deterred me from taking the big plunge. However, the big twist to my thought process happened when I visited ... Read More »

History of IT Outsourcing in India

Well the wheel was invented long back, spokes and new layers were added, experiments were conducted with the base materials. The question now is how one came to conceive ‘wheel’ and its potentials. Strangely all historical records claim that it was invented around 8000 BC. With the passage of time, the concept of symmetrical component in circular motion set the ... Read More »

Why Global companies prefer to Hire Offshore Developers?

It is without a doubt that internet has made the world smaller by bridging distances between remote locations on the world map. Online communication channel’s namely emails, social networking, IM, video and voice chat has adorned personal communication to a whole new level, bringing friends and family closer. The same is being replicated in exchanging business communication, which is why ... Read More »

Data Protection in India

Recognized as a worldwide industry practice for cost effectiveness and optimization, the process of Outsourcing involves humongous data exchange as it is all about delegating business processes and functions. This has resulted in the increasing concerns over data security and breach. With the increasing adoption of the cloud as a platform, the enterprises are constantly bothered due to the lack ... Read More »

Outsourcing Business Models

Change is imperative and with business functions becoming more automated, it is essential that IT/ITES BPO adopt and tweak their business models for sustenance and greater market penetration. Technologies like cloud computing and virtualization are enormously changing the way the world does business and in the given scenario and in the given scenario, survival in the offshore outsourcing business is ... Read More »

SaaS or Outsourcing IT: To Choose or Not to Choose!

Well both of them might share the common grounds for evolution, but their quintessential operating mechanism is what makes them absolutely different. Outsourcing refers to the mechanism of delegating certain business processes or functions to a vendor who is a domain expert. On the other hand, SaaS, referred to Software-as a-Service, is more of a business delivery model through which ... Read More »

Hire Dedicated Resource
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