• Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

    Helping Generate Greater RoI with Our Cost Effective Services

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    Need a Dedicated Resource

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How to Establish Firm Foundation of Your Website?


    Building a website for your start up is one of the must do’s in the modern era. It is just like giving your business a face on web. People will see it, try to know about it and in turn will be entertained by you,and might want to invest in your brand of products.  Would just building a ... Read More »

Announcing SEO: New Tricks to Boost Your Business Online


Write-ups going futile because of rejection due to plagiarism? Not understanding what would be valid? Here’s the simplest solution to all- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ,the ultimate process of affecting and hence improving visibility of a website on organic or ‘natural’ or ‘un-paid’ or ‘earned’ search engine result pages. SEO helps in filtering all sorts of search like image search, ... Read More »

Has SharePoint Lost It’s Value in Market?

Sharepoint developer

    Imagine the time when people had so much to do and all had to be done manually like writing the same letter again and again to send the same thing to different people as a notification to different places, managing the bills, arranging other important documents date wise or maybe alphabetically and infarct a lot more management of ... Read More »

Make Your Website Worth a Visit Using Frontend and Backend Programming

fend and bend progg

What use would a content be of, if it does not have readers at all! What use would a web page be of, if the customers can’t even stay for 20 seconds on it! So if your question to yourself is “Why am I lagging behind in business?” , the answer lies in your own content. In this article we ... Read More »

Is Your Smartphone’s Battery More Irritating than your Wife?


Here are 6 Tips To Overcome This The yellow colored little light which reflected from my phone could sometimes drive me crazy and then it was that beep sound to add to my frustration. Colors could so easily change colors. I never hated red so much as I did when I saw that teeny red mark in my smart device. ... Read More »

Apple Launches iPhone 6 this September. . .Grab it!

touch disease

The number sequence seems to move on, now it’s 6. Well, does the number series strike a chord in you? Many of you, must have guessed by now, yes, the last time you had bought iPhone 5, you must have thought for once what would iPhone 6 be like? The wait is over, gear up for the big day, Yes, ... Read More »

Farewell to Orkut


It was that long lost name which caught my attention the other day. A farewell message from “Orkut”. I was taken back memory lane when I wouldn’t wait for that blue timeline wall to post my status and picture. It was the scrapbook but last day I happened to see this name flickering from my inbox, asking for a transition’s. ... Read More »

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