Some Scary Technologies of Future

Technology is the buzzword today. Do you remember the last time you had written that small essay in your class about the boons and sins of modern technology? Well, that was quite a popular topic to write but the last day I was going through an article which made me think if this popularity has a hidden mask ?

My thoughts were surrounded by many wavering fantasies and illusions or rather reality. Who knows what is going to strike us in the name of technology in another 200 years or might be it has started creeping here and there in our lives. We as humans might not even be aware of the avalanche which may hit us unaware, unknowing.

So let’s have a glimpse of some of the technologies with different shade

Cyber war-

The word “war” in itself is scary, reminding us about 1st and 2nd world war but how different can a war of today be? With a different set of technology and idealism, the concept of war takes a new definition. Well, how much can you stretch your imagination regarding a war? Let’s not beat around the bush but come directly to the topic, could you even think of a war fought by computers. No, don’t indulge into a movie sequence. Yes, sounds bizarre but a war might occur on nation’s electronic infrastructure. If its a well planned attack it could pose a serious threat to the entire world.

Cyber attacks could be the next threatening devise more aggressive than international terrorist invasion. In 2013 South Korea had claimed that North Korea had engaged in cyber attacks.There are training camps for computer assaults. A little awareness and knowledge about computer viruses and antivirus software Trojan horse can be of help.

Driverless vehicle

There have been times when we all had fumbled at least once in a lifetime “I wish I would not have to drive all the way to office everyday.” Well, there rings the bell “driverless Cars” haven’t we all fantasized about this one but a little juggling of your brain cells would evoke a kind of fear, what if a driver less car suddenly gripped by a fault in its machine goes awry? Supposedly, you are having a teeny-weeny nap inside the car to be just knocked by another truck. Wasn’t it natural that your dumb car could not respond like a human? Robot Audis might sound great but can she use her intuitive power once the little lad playing on the ground decides to cross the road but hurdles over, or is the Robot SUV sharp enough to stop at that old woman who trampled with her cart just at the middle of the road?

Well, computerised cars may score less point when compared to human brain signalling. That’s called spontaneous response, can machines boast of it at all?

Robot Doctors

The term might have a dubious tone. The very paradox of two words…”Robot” and “Doctors” one is a pure mechanical term nothing to-do with human and the other is all about humane.

There have been attempts and it is claimed that Robot Doctors are engaged in performing 200,000 functions a year. The accuracy quotient is not bad. You may trust a Robot doctor much better than a human doctor, maybe he would not think of serving another patient while operating you and carelessly leaving his knife inside your tummy. Well, IBM’s Watson is being fully trained who knows he may diagnose a symptom better than your local doctor or may be perfect while understanding your symptom and giving you medicine for your fever rather than diagnosing you with tumour when you have tummy bug and prescribing a lung infection medicine instead. Hope it works better than our Dr Google.

Google Glass

Now that might sound new to you. Well, wasn’t it enough to be spending umpteen hours ransacking pages of Google that now you would just fit on those high tech spec into your eyes. “Google Glass” the name itself may knock your brain cell; the name Google when conjoined with glass undoubtedly speaks something new. These glasses are high tech specs with internal camera in it. It also has display pop up. That surely could keep a track or have those eyes always on a vigilant track spying every moment of human lives with just a flickering twist in the eyes.

Privacy would be at stake, videos can be recorded just by winking, a smile, a slant look and it’s done, oops does that sound eerie!

There is more to this glass, which recognises faces with facial recognition technology, it might recognise a face gleaming from a profile on fb and track all the private information about the person, though Google has denied the facial recognition aspect. But there is another trick which these glasses can perform, it has eye –tracking technology which can record ads in reality and charge “on pay per glaze” now that cracks business but in weird way.

Fact is Stranger than fiction and technology presents this reality bites just like those fiction bits.

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