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‘Nexus’ Brand Going Away

Android Developer pros will be interested in knowing that the 2016’s Google-branded Android phones won’t utilize the “Nexus” name, according to sources, which indicate a hard break from the last 6 years of signature devices for the brand. The anticipated HTC-built handsets — called “Nexus” phones in the latest leaks online — instead will come to marketplace underneath a different ... Read More »

The Start-Up Solving Android’s Security

Android developer professionals will be glad to know that a start-up on a tight budget is working to clean the Android security mess up, and even has shown results where additional “secure” Android devices failed, raising concerns regarding Google’s willingness to take on the broad vulnerabilities which exist in the globe’s most popular mobile OS. A team of two men ... Read More »

Android 7.0 Nougat releasing August 22nd

Android developer professionals will be interested in knowing that both Canada’s Tel-us and LG suggest the same date for a finalized Nougat code drop. Owners of Nexus’: Be prepared for some Nougat. It is looking extremely likely that the upcoming version of Android is going to go official next Monday, Aug. 22nd, 2016. That is the date provided for the ... Read More »

Android or iOS: Which is better for Business Application Development?

Today, Android and iOS, used by an Android developer, are among the most dominant mobile platforms that rule the tablet and smartphone marketplace around the world. Thereby, we decided to compare the Android and iOS platforms, and discover what’s better as it’ll come to enterprise and business application development by evaluating some factors, like – Demographics Currently, Android is appreciating ... Read More »

Is Your Smartphone’s Battery More Irritating than your Wife?


Here are 6 Tips To Overcome This The yellow colored little light which reflected from my phone could sometimes drive me crazy and then it was that beep sound to add to my frustration. Colors could so easily change colors. I never hated red so much as I did when I saw that teeny red mark in my smart device. ... Read More »

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