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What to Choose for Marketing – SEO or PPC?

When you run your company and put your products and services over the global internet, you find it very difficult to list your website on the first page of the world’s leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc.  There are various similar companies that toil hard and make several sincere attempts to ensure strong online presence with ... Read More »

Announcing SEO: New Tricks to Boost Your Business Online


Write-ups going futile because of rejection due to plagiarism? Not understanding what would be valid? Here’s the simplest solution to all- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ,the ultimate process of affecting and hence improving visibility of a website on organic or ‘natural’ or ‘un-paid’ or ‘earned’ search engine result pages. SEO helps in filtering all sorts of search like image search, ... Read More »

Is 404 Error hurting your SEO Ranking? Some facts, some solutions

404 sample

Whether you’re on the web to browse your company’s site, design a new site, or casually surf the net, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon the occasional unwanted message known as the 404 Error. You may be beaming with delight upon seeing your own website using the webmaster tools, but all your smiles get smashed seeing the crawl error page greeting ... Read More »

Seo Experts-Creating Value For Your Campaigns


Search engine optimization with its ever growing popularity can be conveniently actualized by any webmaster but a seo expert definitely communicates that special flavor which makes it more advanced and updated. There are times when we find it difficult to organize everything at its best to increase productivity in Business, that’s the time when the need for an expert arises. ... Read More »

Can Responsive Webdesign Hamper the SEO Metrics of a Website?


Offlate responsive web design has taken over the entire gamut of web design wherein the main emphasis is to make the websites accessible through all possible devices. Hardly do the designers think about the impact the overall responsive web architecture has on the SEO aspect. Therefore, it is always a better idea to hire an SEO expert who is aware ... Read More »

Future Roadmap of Search Engine Optimization in 2013

Digital is nowhere without search engine optimization. With each day, the pressure to create a strong sustaining presence on the search media engines is increasing in leaps and bounds. Therefore, enterprises adopting digital marketing strategies are looking forward to hire SEO experts with considerable exposure to not only SEO but also related fields such as web design and content. Every ... Read More »

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