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Outsource to India for a hassle free experience

India in itself is considered to be a country with diversity. Well, the diversity quotient is not merely confined to its heterogeneous culture. With Indian Government opening doors to foreign investors, the scenario of outsourcing and Outsource to India has hit the bull’s eye. The whole world is now keeping a sharp eye on India for its outsourcing work. Why ... Read More »

Outsourcing Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most evolving and powerful tools for creating a brand loyalty amongst the existing customers. It is not direct marketing but a subtle way of creating the space for an enterprise’s own products and services. The content writers with the knowledge of digital marketing and SEO majorly carry out this function. Digital is currently an ... Read More »

How to Pitch Outsourcing Services in the Market


The outsourcing industry is evolving and changing, and as a service provider, you would readily agree that there is a lot of competition. With multiple players in the ecosystem, it is task in itself to attract the attention of the prospective client and subsequently convert that attention into a long-term business relationship. Service providers adopt a lot of sales and ... Read More »

Building Efficient Outsourcing Relations


Outsourcing has evolved much more than finding a service provider and delegating some secondary business functions to them with the sole motive of achieving cost efficiency. In the current business scenario, outsourcing is leveraged as an important tool for bringing in process efficiency. With multiple service providers vying to grab a business deal, most of the times the pricing and ... Read More »

Innovation in Outsourcing

Outsourcing has evolved in terms of adoption of tools and taking the outsourcing relationships to the next level. Since outsourcing involves two parties, the scope for innovation lies in the development of new tools that would help the outsourcing partners deliver faster and quality services to the client and adoption of strategies to give the existing processes a makeover for ... Read More »

Collaboration in Outsourcing

The story of outsourcing is one of enigma. The business of outsourcing has witnessed paramount changes and has, over the period of time, undergone immense metamorphosis. Frankly stating, outsourcing was conceived as a way of saving costs and shrugging off the peripheral and secondary processes of one’s shoulder. As the adoption gained momentum, the entire approach towards outsourcing underwent momentous ... Read More »

Virtualization in Outsourcing

Michael Porter in 1985 very clearly explained value chain in terms of the enterprise architecture in his book, ‘Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance’.  According to this analysis, the business functions of an enterprise were bifurcated into primary operations and secondary support functions. In a business scenario where strategic alliances and collaboration define success, it is important for enterprises ... Read More »

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