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Challenges Faced by Outsourcing Companies While Hiring Resources

Outsourcing companies have enjoyed phenomenal growth. In last few decades, India has grown as an outsourcing hub. Within the global outsourcing market, India had a share of 58% in 2011 that is 7% more than compared to its market share of 51% in 2009. There are several reasons why foreign enterprises look forward to outsource to India. Firstly, it has ... Read More »

Challenges faced by SME

Over the long haul, large corporations have reaped the benefits of offshore outsourcing. These benefits include reduction of costs, quality, fast turnaround time, on time delivery and customer satisfaction. Realizing the benefits of outsourcing, even small and medium enterprises are jumping on to the outsourcing bandwagon every day. Though there are several benefits of outsourcing, it has some challenges also. ... Read More »

Outsourcing to the Right Partner

Well, outsourcing is a very common term in the business lingo and as experts say, it is much easier uttered than adopted. Over the decade, outsourcing has evolved to the extent that if you name any service you will end up finding multiple outsourcing agencies. A lot has already been spoken about the benefits of outsourcing and therefore, it is ... Read More »

Welcome to the world of GlobalEmployees.com!!

Origination of GlobalEmployees.com Founded in 2011, GlobalEmployees.com started with the vision of assisting small to medium business owners in appointing professional and quality employees at the fraction of real time costs. Taking cues from the market players adopting outsourcing model to keep costs down, GlobalEmployees started with the aim of bridging the gap between SMB’s and outsourcing, bringing the same ... Read More »

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